Susan Taylor Offers Tips For Showing Your Dog

Posted: October 2, 2015 in Government

Do you have a smart and beautiful dog that needs to be in dog shows? Dog shows are popular all around the world, and if you and your dog have what it takes, you could be dog show winners. Before you start showing, consider these tips from Susan Taylor that can improve your chances of winning.

Socialize Your Dog

Your dog should be used to people, other dogs and a lot of noises and distractions. Concentration is key at a dog show and in order to avoid distractions you need to make sure your dog can stay focused and is not scared or even fazed by people, other dogs, bright lights, strange places and loud noises.

Train Your Dog

Your dog has to do a lot of things during a show and will need to know most commands. Taking an untrained dog to a dog show just because you think it looks good is a big mistake.

Clean the Dog

A judge wants to see a clean dog that is well-groomed and properly cared for. Make sure you not only bathe your dog but also take it to a groomer to have its hair done. Dogs with proper grooming stand a much better chance at winning.

If you want to show your dog at a dog show you need to take the time to research the show requirements and watch other dog shows to see how other dogs and owners act during the show.


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