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Education is one of the most important aspects of many people’s young lives. It is often forgotten that to get the job you want, the correct amount of education is required. If you avoid education in favor of working your way up from the bottom, you will gain valuable experience. However, you will also be passed up by people who took the time to get their education.

Many upper positions in managerial sorts of positions do not even consider people who do not have at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Some positions even have a Master’s Degree as the minimum entry requirement. In such situations, it would be impossible for someone to work their way up the ladder and gain that kind of position.

Education is essential no matter how you look at it. If you wish to excel in your field and do well in a professional environment, education can give you the knowledge and know-how that allows for success. If you are able to get an education from a school that has notoriety, you are in an even better position to succeed. Skills and ideas can be learned to fit you into any particular job, but the idea behind college and upper education is that it teaches you how to learn better.

Susan Taylor is an executive leader in acquisition management with expert knowledge of federal government procurement and contracting policies and procedures. She received her MBA from the New York Institute of Technology in 1988.


Top Three Leadership Skills

Posted: August 13, 2015 in Government

A leadership position is a very demanding role, and without the right skills, it could get more difficult. If you are being promoted or you have just taken up a new position as a leader of a team, these few tips will help you hone your leadership skills.

Focus on the Larger Picture

As you settle into your leadership role, you must understand how your team’s work affects the productivity and success of the company. Go all out and plan long-term strategies for your team and communicate them to your senior management and your team members. When setting goals, it is important that you set realistic goals and communicate your vision and expectations to your team.

Be Confident

Every leader should know his strengths and weaknesses and work on his weaknesses. Do not be afraid of asking questions or going for a training program. You are not required to know everything, but you are required to be confident. If you are weak in a particular area, you might want to get someone on your team who is strong in that area. Plan for the unexpected and you will not be surprised by anything.


Every leader should have great communication skills. If you find you lack in communication skills, you might want to take a course in effective communication. Without the ability to communicate properly, you will not be able to lead your team, let alone be successful. The success of your organization depends on its leaders being effective communicators. As a leader, you will have to communicate effectively to your team for them to perform their duties and responsibilities to the satisfaction of your senior management. Communication is a key element for leadership.

Susan Taylor has been in leadership positions for much of her professional career.